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Here follows testimonials from some of our previous students:

“Thanks for all the great info and teaching every tool in detail. I learned more from your 2 day course than at the ‘Top Design School’ I am currently studying at which presents it over 8 weeks. I will recommend this course to anyone.” - Anel

The previous course and tutorials (done at a Top South African SAQA approved design school) confused the daylight out of me. After this course I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I am not afraid of Photoshop anymore! - Magdel

“…you explored most of the elements needed to help one grasp the information, you demonstrated on the projector, by means of action and you made sure that we were all on the same ‘page’, and you gave personal assistance to people who needed it.” - Anne

“…I learned more from your course than what I learned from the ‘Well known Internationally Recognised Tertiary Institution’...” - Nomthi

“Your extensive class notes were highly appreciated!!! It's alwyas fun learning from somebody who has so much knowledge.” - Alta

“What I really appreciate about your course is the fact that you made us understand the workings of Photoshop and not just a recipe for doing things. Your enthusiasm is making the course an enjoyable experience...”

“This course is very hands-on and practical which makes a huge difference to learning. Johan was great, very patient and explained in great detail.”

“For someone that has never seen Photoshop, this was an amazing eye-opener to all the possibilities that it has to offer.”

“The lecturer has excellent knowledge and understanding of Photoshop...”

“I have learnt a lot. I really think that you can't do this without the course.”


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